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Onguard Mobi




Visitor access device

A hand-held mobile data terminal effective in scanning both motor vehicle and driver licences.


Accurate information and reporting

No computer equipment required

Save money by eliminating paper-based sources and save time

Stay Awake

Stay Awake turns itself on and off at specified and remotely adjustable times with an alert buzzer that keeps guards awake on duty.

Stay Awake features a panic button and an Inspector CALL button and can report on Inspector visits.

Stay Awake is powered by 220V (transformer to 16 VAC), with a built-in Lithium battery.

Stay Awake also functions as a Time and Attendance unit.

Can be programmed as One Point Patrol System.

Can be monitored simultaneously from the same web interface

Turns itself on and off at specified and remotely adjustable times with an alert buzzer


Patrol Scan device

The MKIII is a all in one solution for security companies that want a multifunctional device that can serve all your needs.

Patrol System

The OnGuard Multi Guard feature monitors up to six guards patrolling simultaneously, via one OnGuard control unit. Each guard can be dispatched on his own route

OnGuard provides a free cloud based rostering application. After uploading your staff data to our servers, you may create shift patterns and then with one click, roster your staff.

Each Multi Guard unit can be monitored simultaneously from the same web interface and OnGuard can also provide daily reports on the efficiency of your control room staff.

Guard Roster

We try hard to simplify your guarding business

Efficient and accurate guard rostering eliminates expensive overtime and prevents duplicate scheduling of staff within your guard patrol management system.

Guard Rostering means that, taking the current wage determination in South Africa into account, you can find the most cost-effective shift pattern for each guard patrol site.

Guard Rostering streamlines your patrol management shift patterns so they no longer include overtime or non-productive time accumulated.

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