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  • While security is everyone’s concern, at OnGuard we make it our business to remove the risk of human error when it comes to nationwide securing and monitoring of both lives and assets.
  • As one of the most trusted security companies in South Africa, we provide the best security systems in the country. There are many ways to ensure that guards are patrolling their designated areas. Installing a clocking system is one type of tracking system used for OnGuard patrol management. This as made as one of the go-to guard patrol software suppliers. Our software is state of the arts and super easy to use. Call us today for the best prices on your mobile guard patrol solution and guard tour management. 

#1 Guard Patrol Systems in South Africa*

Providing moment by moment management of security personal and the sites they are tasked to protect, OnGuard’s real-time monitoring system provides analysis, recording, interpersonal communication between guards on patrol and their supervisors, control room safeguards and detailed patrol reporting and backup data via a combination of intelligent hardware and software systems. Push to talk communication is often used for this purpose.

When you employ the services of OnGuard patrol monitoring and management you receive the full benefit of our range of custom technologies:

* Stay Awake: Awake and Aware Risk Management Monitoring
* Time & Attendance: Real-time validation of your moving assets
* OnGuard Mobi: Cutting edge tech for your peace of mind
* Push to Talk: Affordable and effective communication channels

OnGuard offers a variety of products and guard patrol monitoring systems in South Africa that are sure to meet the needs of our clients. You can secure your property and prevent unwanted visitors from entering with an access control system. Many of our clients make use of security technology such as driver’s license scanners, IdentiScan, too.


  • There are various solutions available for those who wish to have more control:
  • A clocking system will help you to monitor the attendance of employees.
  • Security guard tour systems will enable you to see the activity of guards on site.
  • You can install RF ID guard tour systems at an affordable price.

Guard patrol monitoring systems help business owners to ensure that employees are committed to their specific tasks even when they are alone. OnGuard patrol management and OnGuard monitoring, enables you to keep track of the movements of guards who are on duty.

There are a few clocking systems available in South Africa. The biometric clocking system is very popular. It can recognise faces, eyes, fingerprints and more. The fingerprint clocking system monitors a guard’s movement by scanning a fingerprint at certain points along the route being patrolled. This gives real-time feedback to the control room.

Security companies use guard monitoring systems in South Africa to ensure that their client’s properties are safe and to analyse the standards of their services.

Part of our commitment to our clients is the added benefit of complementary OnGuard services that include remote configuration, multiple simultaneous patrol monitoring, inspector visits, automatic verification with PSIRA, phone tracking, rostering and our durable iButton technology.

Our clients trust the reliability of OnGuard, a nationwide 24/7 managed South African product designed to suit our harsh conditions.

OnGuard is one of the best security companies in Cape Town and is on the list of registered security companies in South Africa.

Find out more about a guard tour management system here or call us today for a personal risk assessment which best suits your individual needs.

What we do best:

  • security guard tour management
  • guard patrol systems


“IdentiScan has been fantastic for us. We have been using it for over a year now and have seen the technology develop and improve. IdentiScan is a massive deterrent for someone who wants to enter illegally. It also prevents people who don’t have a valid registration or identification from entering – there is just no basis for argument. If they don’t have a driver’s license they simply don’t come in.  As soon as we scan them we know who is going in and when they are coming out. From the criminal perspective, they just go somewhere else. We receive very good service from IdentiScan; there is never any downtime. We once needed something to be looked at and it was attended to in a matter of hours. The product is not just limited to use for guarding companies either. I am the Chairman of a complex of 1 550 houses and we have direct access to a list of all visitors on a daily basis, with their photo ID and full details so we can trace any internal incidences as they occur. I am also on a Board of Trustees that securitises a residential precinct and we have no crime whatsoever. I have only ever had a very good experience with the IdentiScan product and the company, we have had no problems at all, which is very unusual. I changed over to using Jamie Bell and IdentiScan because the last company we used was managed so badly. I couldn’t be happier.”

royal ascot
Tony Heath, Stable Yard Estate

“I have only had excellent experiences with OnGuard, considering that I have been working with them ever since they first came onto market way back in the early days. Through the years, I have seen them develop through their extensive research and development arm and today they are digitally current and work with the latest technology at their fingertips. I can recommend OnGuard as being up there with the rest of the top security companies in South Africa. What makes them stand out for me is their excellent service and deliverables. They have always gone out of their way to assist me since I was just the small boy on the block, making sure they serviced me and solved any issues I had as soon as possible.”

Rod Eterman, Operations Director at Koreserv Security (CPT)

“We have used the services of OnGuard for many years and enjoy a very good relationship with them. They are good at keeping ahead of technology and new markets and they are reliable when it comes to call outs and looking after our clients. We have always been very happy with them and recommend them to new clients. I honestly don’t know what we did without them before. Richard Frost is very hands on and the company offers a high level of service. We have enjoyed growing with them over the years and benefitting from their agility within both game-changing technologies and new services available to the industry.”

onguard sma security
Pierre Mouton, MD SMA Security (CPT)

“We have seen a real benefit in reduced crime by percentage on the Estate since using the IdentiScan scanner. It enables us to ascertain if the driver has valid driver licence and that the vehicle is valid as well. All visitors, including contractors, are recorded entering the Estate and I receive daily reports on the day’s activities. I am able to retrieve backup information from the server in order to follow up should an incidence occur. I would most definitely recommend IdentiScan if you want hands-on security. Richard Frost ensures we receive all software upgrades and they are on the ball all the time; they provide a very good service.”

silvertree estate
Peter Bicar, Estate manager, Silvertree Estate, Tokai

“IdentiScan has been a wonderful benefit to our complex. We bought one and then ordered another when we realised the full benefits. Previously we were having to write down all the details of every visitor and you had no idea if the details were valid or not. Now we are immediately able to identify who is illegally on the road and who is honest, who is coming in and out and what time they leave and there is less tendency for errors. People can’t put down a false name and we are able to identify who is driving the car by their photograph. What is wonderful if that we can go into the system on our computers and manage it to further identify suspicious IDs and foreign cars. It has really jacked up our security and unwanted people are more cautious about attempting to come in. We received excellent service from IdentiScan throughout. I am very happy with IdentiScan and think the product is well priced as well. I am very happy to pay their price and would recommend it to anyone else.”

croc river reserve
Mavia du Plessis, Crocriver Mountain Conservancy

“We have worked with OnGuard for the past six years now and it is always a pleasure to experience this level of professionalism. While we enjoy direct access to Richard Frost whenever we deal across the spectrum of his personnel, it is always a seamless process. OnGuard have good products which they update regularly and they always advise us accordingly, giving us the necessary guidance so we can take it from there. I recommend them to other companies all the time and have over 150 of their systems in place at our client sites nationwide. In a nutshell, they have a passion for what they do and that passion matches ours.”

onguard apcan security
Leon Mans, CEO of APCAN Security (Jhb)

“I recommend OnGuard above any other company. Their system works! We use their patrol systems at over 25 client sites and we have had no problems whatsoever. The previous company we used was always having connectivity issues and we weren’t getting daily reports, forcing us to go out and clear the system onsite and taking us as much as three days to get back online. We have been working with OnGuard for about a year now and we are pleased with their service – and their connectivity is much better – it has even worked out cheaper for us. I am very happy. Their strengths are their after sales service and their communication systems.”

onguard trident
Chris Wickham, MD of Trident Security Services (CPT)

“IdentiScan is a good security solution for putting in access control measures and we offer it as a current service to all our clients. It takes away the work of handwritten security tasks and increases control procedures at estates and places of business. IndentiScan’s Jamie Bell provides a good support service and a good standard of training and handled all our queries well. I can recommend both the product and their services.”

Charl Du Toit, SJC Security

“OnGuard management is very competent. I especially enjoy working with Jamie Bell. Richard Frost’s product is reliable and well maintained. If there is a problem they are very fair and quick to act. I can and always do recommend them in my line of work.”

onguard axon security
Angus Partridge, CEO Axon Security (Jhb)