Your home is secured. Your office is secured. But what personal security do you have?

Security in the “life space”

In our busy everyday lives, it can be quite difficult as a business owner or an employee when we are going about our day and then something unexpected happens, this can come in the form of an unwanted email, or maybe an unwanted guest entering the workspace, they could come in the form of a criminal, someone just looking for trouble or maybe your mother in law.

How to avoid unwanted guests

Well, maybe the idea of this is easy to understand, put a lock on the door, put a second security gate in, add a guard or two to the front gate, etc. Maybe these things will suit your office block or your workplace, but if you move this practice over to a block of flats, an estate or maybe an office block, then the idea of adding more gates, locks and security can hinder the workspace.

An easier option could be to use a Gatekeeper, but an option that really makes sense for an estate or a business park could be to use an Identiscan for letting in guests and vehicles, if security is also an issue then you can get Onguard as well, a Guard will be hired and they will have a specific route to walk around the property and to go to certain points to check that there aren’t any security breaches or problems.

How to create a space for safety 

Speaking to your fellow work colleges, employees or neighbors about security awareness is an important factor of life in South Africa, as we all have to deal with the frustrations of the crime in our country. So checking your car is locked, the windows are up and there isn’t anything visible inside, might sound like tedious thing, but in the end, at least your car won’t be broken into, well at least that’s the idea.

So reminding and chatting about security with neighbors, work colleges, or just maybe your boss can create a safer space for you and the others you work with. Just chatting with one another can bring about change in the workspace.

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