What is a Lone Worker System and Why You Should Consider One

Lone worker system

The lone worker is a term synonymous with many of those working within the security industry. Security guards are often left on their own to work in this high pressure, often dangerous industry, and it is important that as a security company, you equip them with the necessary equipment that will keep them safe from danger.

Security guards will on more than one occasion find themselves in isolation or without direct supervision.

Having a lone worker system in place will ensure that security guards are never quite on their own. With push to talk devices and remote time and attendance systems, guards need never feel left on their own or worrying about their admin being out dated. But a lone worker system does this and so much more, and it is not just useful for the security industry.

Here are some of the many reasons why having a lone worker system can be the best decision you’ve ever made:

  • Employees in Distress

Or in danger for that matter. When you are on your own and unable to communicate, it can be an incredibly worrying situation to be in, and in the case of security guards, it is certainly a life or death matter. From medical services to security back up, having the means to keep in touch is important.

  • Workplace accidents

Being hurt while on the job is the risk that many lone workers face, especially when working in heavy industries where using equipment is the norm. Injuries as the result of a machine falling on you or slipping and in some way hurting you are actually one of the most common injuries, and when it happens to lone workers, it is so important for them to have a system in place to allow them to call for help.

  • Environmental Worries

Volcanoes and tornadoes are an exaggerated circumstance and while the term environmental dangers might invoke mental images of the worst that Mother Nature can deliver, when we talk about these dangers, we’re thinking more along the lines of heat stroke. Temperatures that are too hot or too cold could lead to trouble for some remote workers and having a system in place to help employees reach out for help no matter where they are can ensure that they get assistance as soon as possible.

  • Vehicle Accidents

Lone workers will often find themselves out on the road, heading to their distant work destination. Accidents happen and employers are responsible for these employees as they travel to and from their jobs. Should they be in a remote area, without nearby help, having a lone worker system in place will allow them to reach out for help no matter where they are.

Lone worker systems are only as good as the technology used to bring the system to life. Push to talk and similar devices are popular and well worth having a look at when you are setting up your system. For more information about these systems and more, you can contact the team at OnGuard.

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