What is a computer virus?

Do you need antivirus software?

In the world of today with all this new technology from both mac and windows, do we need to have antivirus software on our computers, or is it perfectly fine to go with the default that is given to us?

Viruses v.s Malware

You must remember there is a difference between viruses and malware, malware can sit on your computer and not even be noticed, it won’t affect you in any way, all it will do is feed your information to someone else, and steal your data. A virus will actually harm your computer, there are many types, from locking down your computer and asking for money, to a virus that spreads over a network to all the other computers.

What operating system do you have?

It does actually matter, as the way that windows runs are quite different from the way macOS runs. macOS is based off Unix quick is far more secure than windows, so if you own a mac you actually won’t need antivirus software, unless you have actually no idea what the internet is and how to use it, then yes, you will need one.

However, for Windows, it will be a necessity, as the operating system has so many flaws these days. So continuing with that windows will definitely need a piece of software that will protect you from the internet and all the viruses and malware you could and can get. So let’s look at a few of the pieces of software you can get.

What should I get?

Well, this all depends on what you are willing to spend on protecting the data on your computer. Even if all you are doing is checking emails and watching youtube, you are at risk, as emails can have viruses and malware in attachments. So you are going to need something to protect yourself.

So you’ll need to do your research and find antivirus software that you are willing to pay for but it also very reputable, stay away from recommendation websites that are sponsored by antivirus companies as then you won’t be getting an accurate review and it won’t be helpful to you.

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