What are biometrics?


A fully automated method which can be used to recognise a person by identifying either behavioural or physical traits, systems like these are often used in the security industry can completely change the way that you approach access control systems.

Biometrics are amazing in every way. They have evolved over the years to encompass more features than ever before. Things like full facial recognition, hand geometry, iris scanning, retinal identification, voice identification and of course fingerprints, are all part of biometrics, depending on the type of device you choose. With biometrics, personal information cannot be stolen, which is exactly what makes these systems perfect for improving security.

By using your unique physical traits, you can identify yourself and verify who you are, which is what has made this technology become the best way to ensure safety. With the advancements of technology, biometrics are now more affordable and they are more readily available. This means that more small businesses along with larger companies and organisations working in the public sector can benefit from having access to and using this technology.

The Fingerprint Scanner and How it Works

Of all the biometric technology out there, the fingerprint scanner is by far the most common and the most accessible. The fingerprint scanner basically has two jobs. Firstly, it needs to create an image of the finger and then, while doing this it needs to determine the patterns that make up the unique print.

Only the specific characteristics which are unique to each fingerprint is filtered and stored as an encrypted mathematical representation or as a biometric key. The actual image of the fingerprint is not saved, which adds to the security of the biometric system. A binary code is the only thing kept for future verification. This code can never be converted back into an image and so the fingerprint cannot be duplicated.

What are some of the advantages of fingerprint authentication?

When used as an electronic clock in system, or as a way to up security, there are quite a few benefits to enjoy. The system is just about impossible to bypass and the data that it collects is 100% accurate. The fingerprint systems look for certain information in order to verify that the person is who they say they are.

The reason why these systems are so much more effective, and provide a lot more advantages when compared to others includes:

  • Fingerprints are by far more difficult to fake than ID cards. In fact, it is just about impossible to fake a fingerprint and get past the system.
  • Unlike a password which can be guessed, you cannot guess a print pattern.
  • Unlike an access card which can be lost or a password that can be forgotten, you can’t lose or forget your fingerprint.

Biometric systems are highly efficient and they are the most cost effective option. The systems are ideal for access control and for keeping record of time.

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