What is the Best Home Security Ideas For South Africans

Best home Security

Homeowners, especially those who’ve just moved, are at risk of being robbed at all times of the year, even though the winter months are often quieter than the rest of the year. Becoming familiar with the weaker points around your home is the first step towards making sure that your home is properly secured.

When checking your home, the best way to do so is to think like a crook. Whatever weaknesses you see, remember that the criminals will see them too. And even if you think that the weakness would be impossible to breach, whether it’s a balcony with seemingly no access or a high fence, if a criminal wants to get in, they’ll get in!

Each and every day, robberies happen and robbers are learning new ways to get into homes of all kinds. Luckily, there are quite a few measures you can take in order to prevent robbers from getting in.

  • Have a double layer of perimeter security

Having an electric fence is a good idea. Doubling it up with an alarm beam is an even better idea. Electric fences can be disarmed or somehow broken, high fences can be jumped, but when you have a backup security measure for your perimeter, you are instantly making your property safer. It is important that you consistently check your electric fencing to make sure that it is functioning as it should, and it is equally important to ensure that your perimeter beam will activate an alarm when tripped.

  • Use an access control intercom system

An access control system, fit with a monitor is a great way to always know who is buzzing at your gate. There are various exceptional access control systems available just for homes and there is also the option of adding a mobile version. Once you who is at your gate, you can then decide if you want to allow them into your property.

  • Have CCTV in your home as well as around the perimeter

CCTV can be designed to record permanently or to only start recording once movement has been detected. CCTV of all kinds will ensure that should someone break in, their identities will be recorded. The camera system is also ideal for deterring criminals.

  • Invest in a smart alarm

Smart alarms detect when windows or doorways have been breached. This means that if someone breaks a window, or forces their way through a door, the alarm will go off and your security company will be alerted. A smart alarm system is far more useful than the old fashioned conventional alarm.

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