New age guarding and security protects Lives and Assets in Lockdown

Maintaining safety and security operations during these uncertain times is key. With increased risk, reliable security services are required within communities now more than ever; with additional vigilance necessary against an invisible virus.

Security staff especially, are tasked with carrying out their traditional duties with the added responsibility of managing new health strategies, security tactics and corporate protocols while facing the reality of additional exposure to contracting the virus themselves while in the line of service.

With the growing risk of infection being witnessed in South Africa, we must be aware that many workers and staff will be required to self-quarantine or follow work-from-home orders. And, as the population succumbs to the virus, we must prepare for a rising death toll which will leave gaps in providing services which require employee skills and duties.

As we learn to navigate the pandemic, proactive measures have seen increasing reliance on tech supported security services which manage both security systems on the ground and the people behind it.

This is particularly relevant within the guarding industry, where we rely on an individual’s eyes and ears on the ground as an early warning system to adapt and respond to the adjustments and new requirements brought about by Covid-19, for large public work force staff

Not only must guarding companies be responsible to train and educate staff about the correct pandemic protocols when on guard duty on a client’s site; they must also ensure their business survives the ongoing and possibly prolonged effect of the pandemic which will see increased absenteeism, a potential shortage of task-specific trained workers and correct management of guarding staff so the client may continue to receive, rely on and trust the security services available to them.

Benefits of Tech supported Guarding Services

  • Patrol Supervision

Security firms with an established pool of security guards on hand, shift managers and shift schedulers can put in early warning systems to respond to changes required within current guarding management systems. For example, the Mobi system underpins patrol supervision while on site and on duty.

  • Staff Management

It also manages guard scheduling, staff changes, absentees and remote guarding communications while effectively managing staff off site, and the availability of those guarding staff currently active, as well as those available on call.

For example, should a guard we unwell or attend duties with a high temperature, Mobi assists with efficiently replacing the guard with one who has the same skills, capabilities and training for the particular client site. This could be an industrial site, hotel, shopping centre, or hospital, so ensuring service and shift continuity as well as the expectations of the client, making it essential the process remains seamless.

Remote Supervision

Remote supervision means risk is further minimised. From an offsite or remote location, a security supervisor can proactively manage guards located at various locations thereby minimising their own risk of contracting the virus. Remote supervision allows for informed decisions, knowing where guards are and what issue they are dealing with on the ground and results in keeping a site secure and being able to respond appropriately.

Client Billing and Wage Pay-outs

As security companies experience market shifts in client business, either increasing the workload or shifting to new areas of client benefit, along with changes to security staff, so client contract agreements, billing and wage slip data will change. A secure managed IT system such as Mobi can manage both the time management and movement of each individual guard.

Proactive Communication

Effective and proactive communication between supervisors and their guards is improved. In addition to the regular shift briefings, guards may need to receive timely updates about new and emerging pandemic-related threats or new client requirements that must be immediately implemented. Guards are both monitored and supported with the Onguard and StayAwake instant communication technologies.

Security firms navigating the current pandemic landscape must be on point and fulfil their much needed guarding security services to client’s requiring secure perimeters, requiring assistance with crowd management and the protection of assets at hospitals, retail stores, schools and factories while remaining alert to potential crime escalation.

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