Answering the latest questions about the push to talk

Push to talk

Push to talk, walkie talkie, two-way radio; this amazing technology has many names while being a wonderful device that has a place in all kinds of industries as well as having everyday use. These devices have come a long way and through all of the developments, they remain as popular and as useful as ever!

From security companies to the construction and transportation industry, push to talk is an important part of the communications that keep people safe and keep companies moving.

With each new development, there are new things to learn and new questions being asked. Push to talk devices have moved beyond the old bulky hand held controllers and can now be easily integrated into cellphones or take on the form of a smaller, easy to hold device.

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FAQ’s about Push to Talk

There is loads of online information to shift through when you are looking to buy new push to talk devices, and to make your selection process a little easier, we’ve sourced the latest questions about these interesting, must-have devices.

  • What is push to talk for cellphones?

PTT for cellphones is the instant communication between wireless cellphones. It uses a button to transform the phone from voice transmission to voice reception mode, allowing it to act like a walkie talkie. This is often not a feature of the phone, but instead, the phone is transformed using an app. This kind of PTT is often more versatile and a whole lot more cost effective than the other methods.

  • Who uses push to talk?

The simple answer to this would be anyone who needs it. PTT has a place in all kinds of industries and no security company can do without this simple yet highly effective piece of equipment. Tour guards who find themselves in a dangerous situation or witness a crime taking place can quickly call for help using one of these devices.

  • Does push to talk use data?

Only those using PTT on their smartphones are likely to pay for data. The more traditional devices rely on radio waves to transmit their messages. These radio waves are dedicated to the company using them, which means only those who have access to them can use them.

For more information about these devices and how you can integrate them into your company, you can contact us.

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