Protect your access control system from Cybercrime

The cyber world is moving at an unbelievably fast pace. And with it, cyber criminals are evolving as well. Constantly on the lookout for weak spots in your cyber security, including access control systems, criminals can wreak havoc should they gain access to your online presence, stealing sensitive information that could be used to exploit you or steal your data. The benefits gained by criminals who practice cybercrimes is enticing and so it is important that this is one facet of your security that you don’t take lightly.

The ever interconnected online world is opening new avenues to explore, and has the power to improve business is more ways than one, but the interconnected nature has a darker downside.

Just to give you a few facts, a recent report by Trustwave’s Global Security Report suggested that your average cybercriminal can gain up to 1 425% on their illegal investment. Stolen data is stolen money it now more than ever commands a high price on the black market. Data can be used to extort money or expose company secrets. Cyber criminals are highly sophisticated and they take the time to learn how to crack even the most secure systems. This is, after all, the way they earn their living.

Improve your access control protection

A badly maintained access control system has as many security flaws as an outdated system and can become the way a cybercriminal works his way in. In the past, manufacturers and developers creating access control systems would always focus on ways to secure access and manage the rights of those given access. 

But the world of access control has completely changed and continues to develop with each passing year. As a business owner, not only do you need to focus on protecting your physical property, but you also have to consider the security of your access control system.

Your system is only as strong as its weakest part. Vulnerabilities can lie with the developmental side of things, or it could be with your users. Sometimes software is an issue, and simply using a security smart card with the hope that it fixes itself is not a clever option.

Without getting too technical, and without having to invest too much of your finances into patching up faults, it is important that you buy your access control system from a reputable company that only stocks the latest in access technology. OnGuard provides the most up to date systems as well as ongoing support should you need it.

Browse through our exceptional collection of systems today and select the one best suited for your needs.

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