Patrol management

Meet Onguard’s all in one suction for patrol management.

Unique Features

Remote configuration is key to the system and friendly and knowledgeable OnGuard helpdesk personnel can adjust the settings on your Multi Guard patrol system in moments.

OnGuard provides a free cloud based rostering application. After uploading your staff data to our servers, you may create shift patterns and then with one click, roster your staff.

Stay Awake feature turns itself on and off at specified and remotely adjustable times with an alert buzzer that keeps guards awake on duty. When the buzzer is activated, the guard must press the alert button to report he is awake.

The OnGuard Multi Guard feature monitors up to six guards patrolling simultaneously, via one OnGuard control unit. Each guard can be dispatched on his own route. The system will verify that he patrolled each of his given points and provide reporting for each individual guard.

Each Multi Guard unit can be monitored simultaneously from the same web interface and OnGuard can also provide reports on the efficiency of your control room staff.

The OnGuard database allows you to upload new contacts or add to personnel information and instantly print identification cards. The OnGuard Enrol app enables the capture and upload of staff photographs to the server as well, making the process both seamless and easy to use. Download the app

To be part of any guarding service, your staff must be Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) registered. There is no need to worry however, OnGuard does the laborious work of verifying all your staff information for you. To use this service, capture your staff details on our server and the information is automatically verified online. OnGuard also makes it our business to keep track of expiring drivers licences and firearm licences. On your staff profile, simply enter the expiry dates of your staff’s licences and we will keep track of them for you. We will then inform you prior to any expiration date that an update is required, giving you an opportunity to avoid expensive administrative errors and wasted time.

Free messaging of alerts to management. Download the messenger app.

No electricity on site ? Multi Guard will continue providing you with peace of mind for 48 hours.