OnGuard’s Newest Push to Talk, Panic and Patrol Functions for Security Staff

Just in time for the festive season, the newly launched OnGuard Mobi Patrol and Visitor Management System delivers improved features and functionality for security patrolling and emergency responsiveness set to beef up event and retail security staff effectiveness at a time when retail malls and venues will see an increase of foot traffic, together with required health protocols of social distancing and mask wearing.

Security staff on the ground, be it day or night-time patrolling, are the best prevention and first crime responders between criminal elements and vulnerable members of society; often tasked with the additional responsibility of Covid-19 health protocol monitoring at public sites.

Offering a win-win situation for security personnel and control room management, OnGuard’s Mobi P199 supports patrol staff to work at their best with in-touch and on hand mobile technology which ensures their own safety and improves security responsiveness in times of emergency.

Featuring Push to Talk (PTT), Panic and superior Patrol functionality, OnGuard’s Mobi P199 replaces the previous RG310 model as a cost-effective, modern device and aims to remove the human error often associated with the patrol security and the monitoring of lives and assets.

According to OnGuard Mobi Sales Manager Jamie Bell, “We are excited about the roll out of this new standalone product – there are no costly control room or onsite repeaters which need to be installed. Instead of a team of security offices floating around a mall for example, with no one really knowing where they are and no means of direct communications with them, security measures become a wild card or by chance. By staying in communication with each security officer via programmed and schedule patrols, the command centre can interact and mobilise security staff to a site of a crime in real time, for example should an ATM heist or shoplifting incident be taking place.”

The additional feature of Push to Talk allows security personnel to talk with the patrol room as well as their patrol colleagues, allowing the guard to stay connected and live with the patrol room and throughout all his interpoint communications.

OnGuard Mobi’s mobile guard tour system is a voice prompted patrol module system which directs the guard when to start the patrol, when to move to the next patrol site, informs the guard if he has arrived too early and when the patrol is complete.

As a custom manufactured security and monitoring guard tour system, OnGuard Mobi meets a patrol capability of 100 locations for large facilities requiring live guard tracking where people and assets need protecting.

In a retail security monitoring situation, a patrol point can be placed at every retail store and a pre-programmed guard patrol schedule put in place. The guard is guided each step of the patrol with mobile prompts; should he not hear the system command there is playback functionality with recordings of the last four patrol prompts.

In highjack situations, where the guard is ordered by criminals to continue his patrol, he has access to a duress point and panic button.

OnGuard’s mobile guard tour systems are designed to store all date offsite on intelligent hardware and software systems. It comes with a 4 000-milliamp battery for longer talk time, is light to carry and use, and comes with a warranty.

Importantly, the radio features a strong short antenna which prevents guarding staff from damaging the device and is supplied with a belt and lanyard clip to offer a hands free option and to eliminate unnecessary handling. The device is supplied with a cradle charger.

OnGuard Mobi has an international footprint in South Africa and is available to clients located in various African countries including Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe and is useful not only for guarding companies but courier companies, landscaping teams and other businesses which require communications together with patrol or delivery events.

As a globally interfaced satellite communication device, communications are delivered over great distances with crystal clear communications, for example between a head office in Johannesburg and a site office in Zambia.

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