Patrol radio

Introducing the T529 patrol radio connecting outlining guard sites to the control room.

Unique Features

The T529 has a fully functional PTT platform which operates on a global network.

The T529 is able to broadcast the guards live GPS location to the control room.

The T529 also acts as a time and attendance unit allowing guards to clock on and off duty at anytime.

Stay Awake features a panic button and an Inspector CALL button and can report on Inspector visits.

Stay Awake is powered by 220V (transformer to 16 VAC), with a built-in Lithium battery.

Stay Awake also functions as a Time and Attendance unit.

T529 Patrol radio

At OnGuard, we make it our duty to remove the human error often associated with the security and the monitoring of lives and assets. And we have done just that with OnGuard Mobi. Our security and monitoring guard tour systems are designed to provide detailed analysis, data recording, and real time communications between the patrolling guards and supervisors. Our mobile guard tour systems are designed to store the data offsite on intelligent hardware and software systems.

The benefits

One of our pieces of custom technology with OnGuard Mobi, is the T529 patrol radio, a system all security companies should have. Designed to provide a modular solution to a guarding site’s operation and efficiency. Modules available are, push to talk, patrols, time & attendance and live tracking.

Carried with the guard, this technology also has an onboard panic button and a duress feature. Thus improving guard safety. The most important benefit of the OnGuard T529 unit is that it drastically improves the efficiency of reaction times when incidents occur. With the push to talk module incidents on site are reported live and immediately to the control room. Thus allowing for a quick reaction plant to be put in place.

Each OnGuard T529 patrol radio can facilitate upto 100 patrol points. For larger outdoor sites, the live tracking module is the perfect method to know exactly where your guards are on site at all times.

 Not just for productivity but also peace of mind for guard safety.

OnGuard T529 patrol radio will also increase productivity by having instant communication to the control room. A perfect feature for any outlying guarding sites. This removes the need for all paper based systems. You can say goodbye to confusing and disarrayed sheets of instructions and reminders created for guards. Because the duty controller can now use the control room dashboard to complete the incident notification as a patrol is completed. This means the guard tour will be able to react faster when there is an incident and backup can be sent quickly. Along with enhanced reporting, more accountability and better security management, OnGuard T529 patrol radio improves every aspect of efficiency and productivity on the guarding site.

Simple & Effective

OnGuard Mobi’s T529 patrol radio is designed to work on the GSM networks. Being a mobile unit it offers unbelievable flexibility to any guarding company. Because its modular based, you can mix and match. It also provides a cost saving on site setup because you get communication, patrols and more off one device.

Check in points

As mentioned, the route that the guard tour will take is set up to have check in points all along the way. Naturally, there would be a concern that would be criminals could vandalise the check in points to disrupt the security guard tracking system. We set up each point in a place where it will be discreetly out of sight.

For the last 10 years, OnGuard has been developing technology to streamline guard patrol and security management systems. You can call our trained and experienced consultants to find out more about our systems and to find out more about OnGuard Mobi.