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onguard mobi patrol management systems


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At OnGuard, we make it our duty to remove the human error often associated with the security and the monitoring of lives and assets. And we have done just that with OnGuard Mobi.
Our security and monitoring guard tour systems are designed to provide detailed analysis, data recording, and real time communications between the patrolling guards and supervisors. Our mobile guard tour systems are designed to store the data offsite on intelligent hardware and software systems.

The benefits

One of our pieces of custom technology, OnGuard Mobi, is an app that your guard patrol system should have. Designed to be compatible with Android mobile phone systems, OnGuard Mobi gives supervisors the technology needed to keep track of tour guard routes and their activities. Carried with the guard, this technology also has push to talk capabilities.
Supervisors will be more in touch with their tour guard teams than ever before. The push to talk technology will allow the guards to receive clear communication from the patrol control room, and the OnGuard Mobi app will also increase productivity by enabling the supervisors to create and send reminders to the guards.
OnGuard Mobi removes the need for all paper based systems. You can say good bye to confusing and disarrayed sheets of instructions and reminders created for guards.
The most important benefit of the app is that it drastically improves the efficiency of reaction times when incidents occur. This means the guard tour will be able to react faster when there is an incident and back up can be sent quickly. Along with enhanced reporting, more accountability and better security management, OnGuard Mobi improves every aspect of the guard tour.
Along with the push to talk capabilities, the patrol guards will also be able to send incident reports with detailed photos, GPS locations and voice recordings. The direct communication that they have with their control room is guaranteed to improve the efficiency of the patrol.

simple and effective

OnGuard Mobi is designed to work on an Android system, and mobile phone connectivity is a necessity for push to talk. This makes it a reliable QR patrol system. To track the movements of the guard tour, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) points are sit up along the patrol route. Each time the guard passes one of these points, the supervisor will be notified. The supervisor can then check that the guard is taking the right route.
Bluetooth is not just used for its reliability but also for its energy saving capabilities. The Bluetooth will need to be on at all times, in order for it to track the guard’s movements. Unlike other systems, which might have required the guard to physically clock at a patrol point, with OnGuard Mobi’s Time and Attendance System, the guard will simply have to walk past the point for it to be registered back at the control room. Should it not be registered that the guard has passed a patrol point, an incident report can be made and back up can be sent to the location.

Check in Points

As mentioned, the route that the guard tour will take is set up to have check in points all along the way. Naturally, there would be a concern that would be criminals could vandalise the check in points to disrupt the security guard tracking system. We set up each point in a place where it will be discreetly out of sight. Each check in point has a battery lifespan of up to 5 years.

For the last 10 years, OnGuard has been developing technology to streamline guard patrol and security management systems. You can call our trained and experienced consultants to find out more about our systems and to find out more about OnGuard Mobi.

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