Is my information secure at an Estate?

estate gate

Security with scanners

A while ago you might remember that when you wanted to enter an estate that you had to fill out a book and then sign it and they would let you in, these days services like Identiscan are used in estates, as they are much more useful than a piece of paper, and they can do useful things, like see if the license needs to be renewed, but above all else, at least with Identiscan, we check the license plate to see the validity of the vehicle and driver, this is checked against a local database. It’s services like these which can alert estates to the danger of letting just anyone in. 

But there is a catch

But there is always a catch with technology when it is being used for good, bad intentions can set in. While at Onguard all the data is encrypted and we can’t see it, neither can the guards. At other companies the data that is captured on the device and can be easily accessible to even the guards, which can be very dangerous for the guests who are being let in.

So how can we combat this? Well, an option which may not work out for some, but is to leave your car outside the estate, as then you won’t have to have it scanned.

Know who has your data

It may not be quite obvious, but when your driver’s license is scanned your id number is captured and all the data that can be found out from that, which can include work address, home address, license number and photograph of you.

All data Captured with Identiscan is sent to a cloud and not accessible by anyone other than the person responsible for that estate or complex.

So with all that in mind, think about that Facebook account which may have photos of your kids and family on it.

We must become more aware of who has our data and what they are doing with it.

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