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Visitor identity is crucial to the effective security of an estate or complex. Manual visitor record books are ineffective means of management as information is largely inaccurate and mostly illegible.

With the implementation and roll out of the Protection of Information (POPI) Act, paper based access control registers are no longer compliant and will soon become obsolete.
OnGuard has developed a modern solution for its replacement called Identiscan, a hand-held mobile data terminal effective in scanning both motor vehicle and driver licences.

The Identiscan electronic visitor management system (EVMS) ensures all data is encrypted and stored offsite on a secure server.
The guard managing the IdentiScan scanner must first correctly identify himself using his personal PIN before he can collect data, ensuring accountability for management of the scanner as well as the allocation of the access record to the specific guard. No longer can a staff member say “It wasn’t me who let the visitor in”.

The biggest benefits of using Identiscan are :

  • Accuracy of information
  • Elimination of paper based access control registers
  • Improved speed of processing visitors and contractors
  • No Computer equipment required. Data stored offsite.
  • Automatic warnings of undesirables people / vehicles
  • Reporting
  • Direct control of gate or boom with scanner

IdentiScan – The Efficient Driver’s License Scanner available from OnGuard

IdentiScan is the driver’s license scanner that has been designed to accurately collect and store the information scanned off of a driver’s license card. Although it is quite a simple piece of technology, it has a lot of power in terms of data collection with the end goal of improving your security.

Driver’s licence scanners have effectively replaced the need to have a guest book.

Knowing who is entering your property has never been more important. As people have more access to areas, it’s always best to have accurate information about who it is that you are letting in. In the past, a guest log book would be used to write down the relevant information but these books were completely unreliable.

Left out information, lost data and random people entering your property are now a thing of the past with driver’s license scanners!

It is the right time to convert your data capturing from paper to digital. When the Protection of Information Act, or POPI, comes into power, many of the conventional ways that were used to collect information will not be compliant with the law. Considering the penalties for not being compliant with this particular law, it is best to make sure that you have the right systems in place. And you can start by investing in a scanner.

About this driver’s license scanner

License scanners are not unique, they are certainly nothing new to the market. But they are more effective than ever before! OnGuard has developed its own version of the license scanner, designed to gather data from both the driver’s license as well as from the vehicle license. The device is designed to be easily hand held and guards can carry the device with them, making it convenient for both the driver and the guard.

No more dropped pens, missing information or stained pages, OnGuard’s license scanner is the best way to gather visitor details.

The IdentiScan electronic visitor management system stores the data it collects offsite. This ensures that data will not be lost and cannot be erased directly from the device! This device is ideal for all kinds of properties, including estates, office complexes and private businesses. Not only is the data guaranteed to be secure but it is also far more accurate than any other visitor management system could offer.

In order for the device to be activated, a guard must identify himself using a personal pin. This enforces accountability and creates an access record that is unique to the guard. Once the guard has signed into the device and started scanning the information of visitors, they won’t be able to deny letting someone in, even if it was something innocently done.

Why should you have IdentiScan as a part of your security systems?

There are many benefits to be enjoyed when you have the IdentiScan electronic visitor management system. These benefits extend to security companies providing tour guard services to estates and complexes.

Here are some of the biggest benefits you can experience with our scanner:

  • Highly accurate information.
  • The elimination of all paper based access control registers.
  • Faster processing of contractors and visitors.
  • Removing the need to have any valuable computer systems on site. (All data is safely stored offsite)
  • Automatic warnings when an undesirable person or vehicle is scanned.
  • Improved guard reporting and less admin work.
  • Complete control of the gate or the boom by using the scanner.

License scanners and identity theft

One of the biggest concerns relating to the scanner is identity theft. What is the use of collecting data if it is not accurate and how can you determine if someone is committing fraud? In South Africa, as in many other nations around the world, fraud is a common occurrence and driver’s licenses are not always representing the true details of the holder.

One of the biggest threats to any organisation is theft. And the whole purpose of having a scanner, after all, is to try to prevent undesirable people from entering a property. So gathering the right data is the most important aspect of keeping your organisation safe.

Each legitimate, legal South African driver’s license has a bar code on the back. With the right decryption coding, any illegal barcode scanned will be picked up as illegal and this will alert the guard to the problem. This bit of coding included in the scanner will help to differentiate legal license holders from those who might end up being criminals attempting to enter the property.

While there is never a method that will completely guarantee that no undesirable people will enter, this is the very best way to give your property an extra safety feature.

Our license scanners will pick up all of the information embedded in the license bar code.

Robust Technology for Extra Protection

The OnGuard IdentiScan Device is a high-quality, robust device that is capable of withstanding a number of knocks and bumps. Manufactured using quality materials and the latest technological advancements, this is one of the most reliable scanners on today’s market.

When you use our scanner, you will be able to gather important information from a number of visitors in a very short period of time. This means that you will have a fairly accurate idea of who your regular visitors are as opposed to those who are not. When you know who you regulars are, finding out who carried out a criminal activity can be a little easier.

With the right driver’s licences scanner, your property will be well protected. A scanner will be your first line of defence against would be criminals and they make a great deterrent. Contact OnGuard to equip your guard with the latest security systems and technology.






“We have seen a real benefit in reduced crime by percentage on the Estate since using the IdentiScan scanner. It enables us to ascertain if the driver has valid driver licence and that the vehicle is valid as well. All visitors, including contractors, are recorded entering the Estate and I receive daily reports on the day’s activities. I am able to retrieve backup information from the server in order to follow up should an incidence occur. I would most definitely recommend IdentiScan if you want hands-on security. Richard Frost ensures we receive all software upgrades and they are on the ball all the time; they provide a very good service.”

silvertree estate
Peter Bicar, Estate manager, Silvertree Estate, Tokai

“IdentiScan has been a wonderful benefit to our complex. We bought one and then ordered another when we realised the full benefits. Previously we were having to write down all the details of every visitor and you had no idea if the details were valid or not. Now we are immediately able to identify who is illegally on the road and who is honest, who is coming in and out and what time they leave and there is less tendency for errors. People can’t put down a false name and we are able to identify who is driving the car by their photograph. What is wonderful if that we can go into the system on our computers and manage it to further identify suspicious IDs and foreign cars. It has really jacked up our security and unwanted people are more cautious about attempting to come in. We received excellent service from IdentiScan throughout. I am very happy with IdentiScan and think the product is well priced as well. I am very happy to pay their price and would recommend it to anyone else.”

croc river reserve
Mavia du Plessis, Crocriver Mountain Conservancy

“IdentiScan has been fantastic for us. We have been using it for over a year now and have seen the technology develop and improve. IdentiScan is a massive deterrent for someone who wants to enter illegally. It also prevents people who don’t have a valid registration or identification from entering – there is just no basis for argument. If they don’t have a driver’s license they simply don’t come in.  As soon as we scan them we know who is going in and when they are coming out. From the criminal perspective, they just go somewhere else. We receive very good service from IdentiScan; there is never any downtime. We once needed something to be looked at and it was attended to in a matter of hours. The product is not just limited to use for guarding companies either. I am the Chairman of a complex of 1 550 houses and we have direct access to a list of all visitors on a daily basis, with their photo ID and full details so we can trace any internal incidences as they occur. I am also on a Board of Trustees that securitises a residential precinct and we have no crime whatsoever. I have only ever had a very good experience with the IdentiScan product and the company, we have had no problems at all, which is very unusual. I changed over to using Jamie Bell and IdentiScan because the last company we used was managed so badly. I couldn’t be happier.”

royal ascot
Tony Heath, Stable Yard Estate

“IdentiScan is a good security solution for putting in access control measures and we offer it as a current service to all our clients. It takes away the work of handwritten security tasks and increases control procedures at estates and places of business. IndentiScan’s Jamie Bell provides a good support service and a good standard of training and handled all our queries well. I can recommend both the product and their services.”

Charl Du Toit, SJC Security

Price List

Cipherlabs scanner
Dual sim
Working time :10 Hours
Processor :1.3 Ghz Quad core
Wifi : Wlan 802.11 b/g/n
Wlan security :WPA/WPA/WPA2/WEP/TKIP
Bluetooth : Class II version 4.0
RFID : 13.56 Mhz
Camera : 8 Megapixel
Weight : 260 Gram
Impact resistance : SGS certified. 1.2 M drop to Steel Plate & IP 54 – 150 tumbles at 0.5 m
Warranty : 12 Month
Shipped with protective boot.
Monthly licence fee R500.00
Rental fee charge (36 Month - Includes Warranty) R1462.00
Finance available on request
PRICE R12942.19
onguard cipherlab scanner
Cradle charger
PRICE R1642.00
onguard Identiscan Cipherlabs Scanner
ID cards
Excludes lanyard
Excludes Delivery
Excludes case
PRICE R15.00
Bluetooth Receiver
Boom control
Gate control
Door control
Activated by Guard using the Identiscan scanner
Transactions logged on server
PRICE R750.00
onguard Bluetooth Receiver new