How the Inrico T529A is the best PTT Radio

The Problem?

With the looming reality of criminal syndicates becoming ever-more sophisticated in South Africa, there has never been a greater need for advancements in guarding, protection systems, and most importantly how security services communicate. Without crystal-clear communication, security services such as onsite guarding and response teams are none the wiser on how to respond to emergency, high-intensity crime situations.

Furthermore, the resultant lack of situational awareness and good communications can not only hinder the effectiveness of the guarding services stopping crime, but it can also get units on the ground into some life-endangering situations.


The Push to Talk T529A as a solution:

Thankfully, radio static and crackles are a thing of the past, with the Inrico PTT T529A. This push to talk radio has revolutionized the dynamic of crime response and prevention in South Africa, and is a perfect solution to effective communications in emergency and dangerous situations. Design-wise, it is sturdy and high-quality, but also small enough to be portable and utilized in fast-paced situations without being cumbersome.

Thanks to the Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology it incorporates, it uses around as little as 250mb prepaid data to communicate per month, and means it can function on most mobile networks like Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Telkom etc. This not only results in convenience, but also that the radio can operate in remote areas, and even so far as over borders – with clarity and quality.  


Additional features:

In terms of the other nifty features and functions this push to talk radio comes with, there are a few things to mention. It features Real-Time GPS tracking and stores all this info on cloud services. There is the capability for all communication over the channels to be recorded to ensure quality and accurate reporting, as well as VOIP communication between users. 

While the radio is screenless, it features programmable rotary channel selection knob (with a capability of 1600 channels/groups), side mounted PTT button, two programmable function buttons including a “panic button” which can secretly send an SOS signal should the security personnel be compromised and put under duress to continue as usual. There is a ‘dual port socket’ for external speaker-mic or separate external headphone & mic.

Finally, and a very pertinent feature, is that these push to talk radios can be remotely offsite programmed. This means that OnGuard are able to offer their multiple packages – like multiple feature and module options available on top of the basic push to talk radio features, so the customer can select whatever price point meets their budget and specific needs. 


Final Word:

All in all, the Inrico PTT T529A is one of the best solutions for the multiple problems faced by the local security, guarding and protection industry. Furthermore, with the modular nature of the features offered by OnGuard, it is the best option to suit your specific needs as a guarding company in South Africa. 

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