Estate Access Control

Estate access control

The need for estate security

Estates these days are becoming more and more popular, and as they are opening up for business, they need security and especially access control systems, something that needs to be made as fluid as possible so that the residents and guests can access the estate in an easy and convenient way. 

When a guest or resident arrives at an estate the first thing on their mind is how long am I going to sit outside until I can get in. It is of the utmost importance that it is a smooth enter and exit system for these estates otherwise there will be a lot of unhappy customers.

Fingerprints and id cards

Most estates use fingerprints to allow their residents to gain access which is fine, and quite a fluid method, but what about there guests? Up until a few years ago, the only enter method was filling out a form and signing it, which wasn’t the greatest, but now, more and more estate’s are using products like identiscan.

The only issue most people have with this method of id scanning and drivers licence scanning is that all the information is stored off-site and can be leaked. The difference with identiscan is that we have encrypted all of the id’s that are scanned and only the manager of the estate can actually access that data.

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