What security can I get for my business?

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Volatile situations require a focussed and targeted response to threats and a measured plan of action going forward.

The private security industry in South Africa is among the largest in the world, tripling the numbers of the national South African Police Force. Recently, the South African security response was further strengthened by President Cyril Ramaphosa’s decision to deploy 70 000 additional troops to enforce lockdown regulations and the country’s crime response.

At this critical time, most South African businesses will experience an impact on their bottom line; employees and stakeholders will remain unsure of the future, while health and safety become the nation’s most pressing issue.

The integrity of the private security industry remains your best opportunity for domestic protection and especially for business risk managers and chief operating officers to align with the best strategy in responding to the risk, securing business premises and assets, applying loss prevention tactics and implementing the best security action plan for the immediate future under Covid-19.

Our highly trained security professionals and our state-of-the-art security technology solutions are at the frontline of operations geared to guard your homes, government buildings, NGO buildings, banks and ATM outlets, hospitals and clinics, busses and taxi ranks, churches , restaurants and delivery services, old age homes, housing estates, and corporate office blocks.

Security Insights for Business Unusual

Step one is to implement firm measures within your business and staff contingent in the prevention of Covid-19 transmission. Premier Security has done so across its head office, branches, patrol vehicles and access control sites. Health safety is foremost in securing your people and your assets.

Assess your current response to lockdown measures put in place by the Government of South Africa and the implications to your business, supply lines and warehouse assets as South Africa moves either back up or down the 5 lockdown level directives which affect business operations. This will include the importance of community engagement, restrictions on movement and quarantining, current curfews and specific factors relating to your business, your market place and your individual communities. Be especially cautious of regions affected by additional crises factors such as power outages due to cable theft and non-operational food and water supplies in the region.

Learning & Adapting to Security Threats

As local economies are restricted and communities feel the burden of loss of income together with resource constraints, fears of impending food shortages and contracting the disease itself, the burden of enforcing the Covid-19 lockdown laws falls on the police and the private security industry.

In today’s connected world, there remains little doubt that the use of technology improves the efficiency of managed security and people and asset protection.

How can technology help secure you and your business?

  1. Better armed response with accurate up to the minute data collection with offsite CCTV monitoring.
  1. Better resource management and synchronising of services using both tech and personal backup especially over large commercial sites and residential estates. Our guard management utilises GSM rugged devices and Bluetooth beacons for safer and more efficient responses to breaches and attacks.
  1. Centrally managed quality assurance and detailed security reporting for accountability at head office where operations dovetail with our response teams on the ground. See more at www.premiersecurity.co.za.
  1. Managed access through a multiple key management system from your Mobile Phone as an alternative to traditional keys – essential for multiple entry homes and internal access protocols in business infrastructure.
  1. Innovative, fail-safe systems and methods of security for your premises and people using leading edge technology for access and alerts over multiple sites. Learn more at www.wordpress-546262-2441467.cloudwaysapps.com
  1. Increased productivity of Premier Security personnel which means better service delivery for you, our clients. We implement and monitor crime prevention through accurate data collection. Visit www.identiscan.co.za for more.

We have a custom security a solution for you. Let us show you the many benefits of implementing a modern technology security measure in your home or place of work backed by our trained security personnel who have your best interests at heart. Let’s discuss your needs, call 0721238104  or https://premiersecurity.co.za/?page_id=41

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