Use An App To Improve Your Security

To get the most out of your access control system, having an app is one of the better ways to take full control of both the system and your security. BlueLock is an advanced app supplied by the best access control system provider in the country. This system can be installed in the home and be used to open doors, including garage doors, and give you remote access when need be.

BlueLock makes use of BlueTooth technology, giving you remote control access from up to 25 meters from the system. The BlueTooth receiver is controlled by the app, which is easily installed on all kinds of cell phone devices, working perfectly on a number of operating systems. Whether added to an existing system or used as a standalone system, BlueLock is reliable and can minimise crime.

The Trusted Access Control System

BlueLock is free to use when you install our access control system. And it is available to more than one person in your household or office. You can choose who will be given access to the gates and doors protected by the BlueLock system. All they need to do is download the app and scan a code which we will provide. Only those with the app and code will be given access.

Before you start worrying about what should happen if the phone is stolen, we have already thought ahead. Users will need more than the app, and they will need to do more than simply scan the code in order to have access. Each user will need to create their own unique pin code, something they will need to keep as private as their banking pin. They will need to enter this pin when they want to access the app.

The app also cannot be reproduced on another phone. Once the QR code is scanned, the access information of the person scanning the code will be encrypted and therefore cannot be replaced. This is another way that access to your property can be protected.

Access Control Systems Using BlueTooth

BlueTooth remote control access has become the norm in many ways and one of the most significant changes it has made is in the world of access control. With a BlueTooth connection, our app and an access control device, you will be able to control almost everything in your home or business including lights and even irrigation systems.

With the installation of a device and an app, you will never have to carry around another remote control. And you will never have to worry about a remote being stolen. While remotes that are used to access gates can be stolen, leaving your home or business at risk of criminals, with a BlueTooth remote control you do not need to worry. Even if your phone is stolen your security will not be compromised as a unique pin code will keep you protected.

This universal remote allows you to use a single app to control all of your entry areas including your garage door motors and electric gate motors. The universal remote control is a fantastic option, as it removes the necessity of keys and/or remote controls. And you will never again have to think about where you left your keys. With the app on your phone, you will carry the remote around with you wherever you go.

A BlueTooth remote control will also be a safer option. Many of the other types of universal remotes do not have the option of installing a private, secure password. For this reason, the BlueLock access control system device is a great option for all homes and many businesses.

About OnGuard

OnGuard is a Cape Town based security technology company. We specialise in the manufacturing of security products designed to assist tour guard companies, while we also cater to homes and businesses. Our cutting-edge technology is ahead of the curve, always one step ahead of criminals. We have the best prices and the best technology, with our access control systems, in particular, being highly reliable and responsive.

To find out more about BlueLock and our other devices, you can get in contact with our team. We’ll assist you in making your home or business more secure than it was yesterday.